Flawless in CA – Grammy stop and Cypress Hill

flawless3   At the Gammy’s getting registered

flawless2Cypress Hill in the House

flawless1Showing off the new shirts

Almost ready to sell –

Siding done this weekend – open house next week – come see this gorgeous Home…..more to follow


20160311_165416 (2)


Cambridge Property is “tight” – sealed

Sealed from the elements – Time to hammer out the interior


20160219_122711 (2)

Now or Never Indie Tour announced for march 2016

Los Angeles, CA, February 11, 2016 — The Now or Never Indie Tour is bringing together Evidence of Dilated Peoples, Fashawn of Mass Appeal and Teambackpack affiliates Locksmith and Flawless as well as Pentagon Records’ R­Mean to perform at 15 showcases across the West Coast and Central US as well as SXSW 2016. Bridging the gap between underground and mainstream hip hop by releasing a series of mini­movies documenting the journey taken by respected hip hop artists on the road and inspired by Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life Tour” and his classic “Backstage” documentary, the Now or Never Indie Tour will share the underground hip hop community’s behind the scenes stories with a mainstream audience. Filmed by Redeye Movies and sponsored by BREAL.TV, Skydiver’s Club, Sanguine PR and “Ready Set Impact,” a global multi­media firm located in Hollywood, CA, the tour officially kicks off in Los Angeles on March 10 th and ends on March 28 th . The series, documentary and soundtrack will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of 5 highly respected headlining hip hop artists, some extremely successful while others are on the brink of mainstream success with or without a label, and will inspire a much needed dialogue on what it means to be hip hop. Visit us: www.twitter.com/noworneverindie www.instagram.com/noworneverindietou


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Roofs up On Cambridge property

1.5 more months and We hit the market

roofs on